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Entry #1

Oh, Newgrounds... You snarky brats, you!

2011-10-12 03:22:05 by TheDevilMyself


I have dusted off my flash and am currently tossing around ideas for an animation series. Guaranteed awesome - or at least comparable! I have forgotten much more than I have ever learned on flash, and it will take some doing to re-learn all the little tricks of the trade (especially the load screens, but i promise more awesome load screens in any future endeavors)

Life has been... insane. I have been playing in a band for a while now, held various jobs, and now have suffered the consequences of a crap economy and find myself stuck in small town Nebraska paying off an enormous amount of debt.

This has left me with some free time.

I realize it has been over 4 years since I have bothered to do anything Newgrounds related, and I apologize. If any of you are still around, by all means, hit me up!

Here we go again... The best of luck to everyone.


PS - i'm happy to see the KKK is gone (haha) though sad to see them leave... they were all right people, despite their desire to annoy the crap out of people with standards!


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